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The Basics of Drawback

Comstock HQ 466 Kinderkamack, Oradell

During this workshop, Comstock and Holt instructors will provide a comprehensive introduction to duty drawback. Manufacturing, unused merchandise, rejected merchandise, petroleum, and USMCA drawback will be covered. We will teach you how to determine which types of drawback are right for your company, how to calculate duty drawback potential, how to establish your program with CBP, and what is required to prepare and file claims. During the course, you will try your hand at identifying eligible imports and exports for different drawback types, calculating basis of claim, adjusting drawback when dealing with multiple products, and properly using CBP’s approved accounting methods. This class is for the drawback novice as well as those who are struggling through their first years administering or coordinating a drawback program.

Free – $450.00


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