Offering Full Duty Drawback Services

Comstock will become your partner in the duty drawback process by helping you get started, making sure your claims are prepared properly, and ensuring your full refund of duties, taxes, and fees paid on imported goods.

Our offerings include Duty Drawback ServicesDrawback Compliance ServicesDuty Drawback ConsultationDuty Drawback Education, and Electronic Claims Processing. A brief outline of each of these services can be found below, but feel free to give us a call to discuss how we can begin helping your business today.

We constantly analyze the data we receive to discover additional drawback opportunities, and we schedule periodic meetings to discuss the drawback program with the claimant to pursue avenues for expansion.

Duty Drawback Services

Comstock is a full-service duty drawback specialist experienced in designing, implementing and managing duty recovery programs. Our business strategy is to provide the most efficient and cost effective means to collect drawback by providing the following services:

  • Full compliance with all applicable drawback laws and regulations
  • Expert claim preparation
  • Fully automated drawback systems
  • Claim control, tracking, and reporting
  • Customs liaison on behalf of client
  • Ongoing training and education for clients through duty drawback seminars, webinars, and on-site training
  • Unlimited drawback consultation
  • Customs audit preparedness

Depending on your drawback potential, Comstock will undertake the above processes on your behalf as part of our comprehensive service. Our compensation is based on a percentage of the net drawback we recover for you.

Compliance Review Services

Part of our role as your drawback specialist is to provide support that extends beyond filing the claim. Comstock will prepare a claimant for a possible or actual Customs duty drawback audit, minimizing the potential of civil penalties. We will inform you of all the records you may need in the event of an audit and will help protect you from violating Customs drawback regulations by reviewing your company documents and procedures.

Additional post-claim reviews may also take place in the form of Customs desk reviews, targeted drawback audits, or a post-liquidation drawback review. Comstock will work with you to identify the information that is needed and ensure thorough answers are submitted to Customs in a timely manner, working as the communication link between you and CBP.

Drawback Consultation Services

Comstock offers full professional and specialized advice, easing the burden of complete responsibility for your duty drawback program. Our professional preparation of applications for special duty drawback programs such as the Drawback Compliance Program (DCP) and Accelerated Payment Program (APP) ensures accuracy and results in added benefits. Our knowledge and application of statutory and regulatory issues to your drawback program will reduce your risk exposure and increase compliance.

Duty Drawback Education

Staying current with duty drawback regulations and procedural changes is imperative for any duty drawback program. We offer a variety of education opportunities throughout the year including Introduction to Drawback webinars on demand, The Basics of Drawback all day seminars, Compliance focused webinars and seminars, and specialized webinars on pertinent current topics such as Drawback Modification. Full detailed information regarding these drawback education opportunities or to register, please visit the Drawback Education page on our website.

Electronic Claims Processing

Our systems are fully computerized and our custom software is programmed to claim 100% of any eligible drawback. All drawback software is written in-house by our programming staff and is customized for each individual client. Since the software is proprietary, we have flexibility to make changes as needed, adapt to new regulations, and address issues immediately. We submit all claims to CBP in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). As a company we will continue to work with CBP to ensure any outstanding issues identified in the process of working with ACE are addressed.

“They have an intimate knowledge of the law, processes and procedures required to successfully and legally obtain duty refunds. Plus the customer service we receive is friendly, timely, knowledgeable and accurate. All of this is why our relationship works and continues to flourish.”

—Industry leading metals manufacturer

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