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70% of U.S. duty drawback refunds
remain unclaimed & are ultimately lost?

In the current environment of ever-changing tariffs and trade deals, duty drawback has become an essential means of duty mitigation and supply chain cost management for thousands of companies across the U.S.

As two of the oldest duty drawback specialist organizations in the country, Comstock & Theakston, Inc. (Comstock) and C.J. Holt & Co., Inc. (Holt) combine to provide a comprehensive and universal approach across multiple industries delivering a higher standard of customer service to navigate the intricacies of the drawback process. We are the only U.S. drawback specialist with 14 licensed Customs Brokers and can provide you with the assistance necessary to attain the largest potential duty drawback refund possible through customized and innovative solutions.

What is Duty Drawback?

Duty drawback is the refund of duties, taxes, and fees paid on imported merchandise that is exported or used in the manufacturing of exported merchandise.

The drawback process is not simple, but that’s where we come in! As your drawback specialist, we will work with you to identify your potential and the drawback types you can pursue, create a customized drawback program, and communicate with U.S. Customs regarding your claims.

We Take The Term “Drawback Specialist” Seriously.

This is evidenced by our focus on ensuring the majority of our staff members are licensed Customs brokers, are kept appraised on the latest industry news, and contribute to political and regulatory changes. Our company was instrumental in the formation of the current duty drawback regulations for the U.S. and continues to play an active role in ongoing revisions to policy and interpretation of the statute and regulations.

Are You Eligible for Duty Drawback?

The Continental Congress first established drawback in 1789, and it was initially limited to specific articles that were directly imported and exported. Since that time, drawback has been expanded to include numerous products and industries, including:

Agricultural Products

Alcohol & Beverages


Consumer Goods

Industrial Chemicals

Metals &

Petroleum & Derivatives


& Medical Equipment

Piece Goods/Fabrics


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