We are receiving daily calls from companies who are encountering additional tariffs that have been assessed on specific products from China. Some of these companies were not previously paying any duties and are now estimating millions will be paid if these tariffs remain active! Thankfully, as these are considered ordinary duties, drawback is allowed on Section 301 tariffs. To help you analyze if your imports are affected by these lists, we have consolidated the three lists into this (Section 301 – List 1 to 3) spreadsheet, identifying which list they are on, the additional tariff assessed (note that List 3 has recently been proposed to be 25% instead of 10%), and providing the HTS description. If you are or will be paying these tariffs and then exporting the products or using the imports in articles that are subsequently exported, you should start developing a drawback program, or make sure your current program will capture these imports.

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