Today marks the launch of the second set of three lists of 25% tariffs on imported products from China. While initially covering 284 products, the list has been reduced to 279 after the conclusion of the hearings from different trade representatives. The specific tariff lines removed are: 3913.10.00 alginic acid; 8465.10.00 certain machines to split, slice or pair wood, work, bone, plastics and similar hard materials; 8609.00.00 intermodal shipping containers; 8905.90.10 floating docks; and 9027.90.20 microtomes.

As we mentioned in our previous newsletter (here) drawback is allowed on Section 301 tariffs, and for your convenience we are providing an updated centralized list of all three (Section 301 – List 1 to 3) . We continue to watch for changes on these tariffs and will provide an additional update on list three as hearings are finalized. Please reach out to us with questions regarding these tariffs and how drawback can be claimed.